• Kenyetta Dunlap

I would like to welcome all my Glam' Dolls back on May 18th, I've missed you all!

Providing a clean, safe environment for you and your service is our #1 priority. I followed strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols regulated by local agencies before the effects of COVID-19, but I've now adopted extra safety precautions and placed even greater emphasis on deep cleaning. I promise to remain committed to continually evaluating what must be done to meet the needs of my Glam' Dolls and adhere to (and exceed) both- the -Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and GA state regulations.

The following safety precautions are being taken to protect the health and wellbeing of you and myself during your visit:

+ I have taken a refresher course on. Salon/Spa Infection Control and earned an. updated certification that has been attached to this post . (which will be displayed at work station)

+ I(staff) will wash my hands thoroughly before and after contact with every client.

+ Our salon uses an EPA registered disinfectant on tools, containers, and all surfaces that you may come in contact with during your visit.

+ Chlorine bleach is used for cleaning the salon.

+ A new set of gloves for every client and at times must be changed during the service.

I ask that you please stay at home if you're feeling sick, and the same goes for the staff (myself). I will be happy

to work with you to schedule another appointment as soon as you are feeling better. I am working hard to keep you and the salon community safe, and I know I can count on you too. Together we will make it through this trying time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via live chat, email, text or call. I am soo thrilled

to provide Glam' again, thank you for being loyal clients!

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  • Kenyetta Dunlap

Hi Glam' Dolls I have truly missed you all during this pandemic. I will be accepting appointments on May 18th.The state of GA has provided new safety guidelines for our safety. I will be accepting appointments only until further notice for current Glam' Dolls ONLY. I will not be accepting any NEW clients at this time. The new safety standard is one on one sessions. I have thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the salon for safe return. All clients MUST wear a mask. If you have been sick or around someone who has been sick please do not book an appointment. I will cancel your appointment if you are suspected to be sick with coughing or fever. Here is what to expect upon arrival of your appointment:

  1. Your temperature will be taken before entering the salon.

  2. You will need to answer a few questions before entering the salon.

  3. All persons should arrive without guest who are not being served.

  4. All persons entering will be sprayed with disinfectant.

  5. All persons will wash there hands for at least 30 seconds before being serviced.

  6. If another client is being served during your arrival, I ask that you wait outside in your car until client departs the salon.

  7. You will need to put on shoe covers upon arrival.

  8. All clients must wear a mask during the entire appointment. No Exceptions. No mask no service.

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  • Kenyetta Dunlap

Happy New Year Glam' Dolls!🎉🎉 I have really missed you all while enjoying my new bundle of joy and healing. I am glad to say that I will be returning to the chair and accepting 💇‍♀️ appointments starting on Tuesday 1/7/2020. I look forward to serving you Dolls Glam' for 2020! Let's make it a great year😚🎉🎉. ❤❤ you all!

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